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Why Extremesurvive?

The primary mission of 
Extremesurvive - Croatian Outdoor Survival School is return to nature through a unique life experience with which each of Extremesurvive student receive the knowledge necessary for possible outdoor survival, but also for conscious and active stay into the wild (Naturvival).

Extremesurvive will not teach you to see nature as an enemy like doing most. We offer you lifelong life experience and practical survival skills that if you are supposed to, it will be with you.

On the faces of our students there is always a smile, there is no spasm or discomfort and on the back we carry a minimum of equipment, because nature is here to make us natural, just the way we were - from many thousands of years. 

Now, after 7 years Extremesurvive growth up and become one of point of survival knowledge's in our district. Per example, all students after only one survival course frequented with this School become active survival school members.

This survival school is transforming into unique survival movement, made from similar people with deep love for survivalbushcraftnature and adventure that are looking forward into the future of personal expansion.

Welcome to your new wilderness, to Extremesurvive!

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Why of survival course? 

but first, what is survival knowledge?  

Survival knowledge are all that skills that can improve your permeation in hostile area or in life risk situations for limited period of time necessary to be rescued by rescuers or by reaching the goal on self rescuing.

Nowadays, there is an abundance of false information about survival and bushcraft on film and television, which portrays an unrealistic picture of the actual survival skills and situations. Such superficial, 'trendy' survival shows and manuals, without using actual facts and experiential survival and bushcraft knowledge, create only a profound confusion in this dark woods of what the survival really is, and how to live through it. Therefore, there is nothing that can replace a realistic experience...

because, practice is the handle of sharpest knife.

Basic Survival Course - Pazin

And remember; we do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we only borrow it from our children. Our life, survival and outdoor practice must be always executed with highly respect for all living species that makes our nature so natural and our wilderness so wild

This survival school approach to nature is based on
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