2012 The End?

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According to my research, I found that there has always been an uncanny need of the human race for 'bad' predictions, due to the individual or the collective unhappiness.

Unexplainable human actions, such as investing a huge amount of money in the various types of research and studies following events; serious growth of the new web sites, forums, and blogs, all discussing the doomsday, as well as recent news of various groups around the globe that are arming and preparing for imminent future events, bring us to the following question: why the governments around the world don't try to stop those silly for now isolated cases of panic, that can escalate in even worse - global panic?

As a Survival School, our mission is to give realistic instructions of how, based on facts, as well as deep understanding of why. Due to the lack of a concrete proof, and the huge scope of fantasy and imagination, I'm confused as well, and my only advice to you is to stay informed, use your head and always be prepared!

One of many jumbo poster for 2012 convention in north Italy.

It become frightening to read the web in search about 2012 dark predictions. 

One of those is the report that NASA's predict what will happen in 21.12. 2012. Electromagnetic catastrophe will strike the earth with a huge bubble of plasma (high energy particles) that will be detached from our beloved sun and will make suffer everyone on the planet.

It is not much to laugh about 2012 although for lots of them like many astronomers and the Mayan calendar, as well as many Christians, will be the year of the end of our planet, at times there was raises, concerns and fears.

Today, the web is full of blogs and millions of people are terrified! In the France there are already published and distributed protocol for public service "What to do in 2012 due mas panic". In Italy there is hundred of conventions about this theme. Russia are recording a record in real estate sale, not family homes but family atomic bunkers!

The fear of the end of the world is always like shadow of humanity and for that  the prophets of doom never missed. Science today is struggling to distinguish itself from pseudo-science and journalism that are predicting disasters based on hypothetical data misunderstood. For example, the terror of the Year 1000 is an invention: that time no one knew what year they lived. Many other alarms are historically documented, however: there were more than a hundred to start with. The German mathematician Michael Stifel announced for the 8 am on October 18, 1533, the religious fanatic William Bell pointed on April 5, 1761. The first risked lynching, the second ended in a mental hospital. There is more tolerance now. There are lots of fake apocalypses provided by Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.
 The seismologist Alberto calculated the end for 1919, the doctor Elio for July 14, 1960. In 1980 Jenser and Gaines, American leaders of a sect, convinced hundreds of followers to be locked in bunker to await the Last Judgement. In 1992 the Rev. Lee Jang Lim involved 150 thousand faithful Koreans in hysteria of end of the world and cheat them for a total of $ 4 million (ending in jail).

When the end of the world's next is scheduled for December 21, 2012. The date derives from calculations made on the Mayan calendar, the catastrophe would occur for a change of the inclination of the Earth's orbit. An argument run by supporters is that the Mayan apocalypse Earth's magnetic field is gradually decreasing. Sure, but it is also certain 
that the magnetic field in geological time has reversed many times, the last one was 700 thousand years ago. Bigger alarm was for the asteroid 99942 Apophis (the name of an Egyptian god of destruction), a rocky body with  diameter of 300 meters and weight of 27 million tons. Discover from June 19, 2004, is that Apophis will pass very close to our planet at April 13, 2029 (a Friday) and in 2036, when it will be about  36,000 kilometers from us, the distance of geostationary satellites.

The impact would be equal to the explosion of 65 000 nuclear bombs like the one that destroyed Hiroshima! At first, NASA estimated the probability of collision at 1 in 300. Indeed alarming. After recalculating the data has been reduced to 1 in 45 000. In any case the former astronaut Rusty Schweickart designing a task force to deflect it.

The year 2000 with its round number started the fears: the collapse of civilization for the "bug" of the computer because the old software, indicate only two digits, would become crazy in front of many zeros, and global catastrophe due to an alignment of five planets. The "bug"  was prevented and alignment of course didn't damage anyone.

Biological apocalypse have feared for disease outbreaks of "mad cow disease" and avian influenza. The first was an exaggeration. In the second case, the risk should not be underestimated. But so far the worst pandemic remains the "Spanish" in 1919. Despite everything, we are still here.