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Bushmen Bushcraft Course


, home to the world’s oldest deserts, the Namib and the Kalahari houses different San groups, commonly known as the Bushmen. The San are acclaimed to have been the first inhabitants of Southern Africa and part of their playground up to this day has remained the ‘bush’. Throughout the centuries the San have kept alive the close relationship they have with their  natural environment and mastered the skills needed to survive in it. Thus it is that the Bushmen are among our main instructors during Namibia Bushman bushcraft courses, teaching us their ancient old wilderness techniques & skills.

 program name  bushmen course
 min / max spots  8 / 12 per group
 dates  on request  course environment  Namibia
 total duration  on request  min / max °C
 5 / 40
 difficulty level  medium  sleeping method  bushmans village
 special knowledge's need   no  included food  yes
 medical certificate need  no  min / max kilos lost  1 / 2
 insurance  yes (Uniqa outdoor)  certificate / t-shirt
 yes / yes

Bushmen tradition and traditional skills study like fire making, shelter building, finding water, hunting and trapping, use and building of primitive weapons and tools, navigation and direction finding, tracking, food gathering, traditional artifact building .. are only some of knowledges we offer due this course.
For more details about  BUSHMEN BUSHCRAFT COURSE - please contact by mail on: info@extremesurvive.com