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Corporate Team Building


Decision- making skills when the conditions are not ideal are highly prized in today's corporate world. You expect your team of professionals to be able on symbiotic team work, think on their feet and act in the best interests of your company. A survival exercise in the wilderness tremendously help build team's confidence in decision-making, as well as bring them together as a powerful limit less working team.

nameteam buildingspots10+
dateson requestenvironmenton request
durationon request°C
pre-knowledge  nofood includedyes
certificate neednolost kilos1+
insurance needyesend certificate

All participants will have deep study in psychology of survival, fire making modern and primitive methods, shelter building, finding and treating water, hunting and snaring, use of primitive and not weapons and tools, navigation and direction finding, tracking, trapping, signaling, first aid, survival kit...
For more details about CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING SURVIVAL - reservations and to obtain obligatory equipment list, please contact by mail on info@extremesurvive.com  

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