Survival Adventure

"Probably the best adventure you can buy on Adriatic Sea."

On this planet there are two kind of people, the ones that are watching the adventures of others usually from their couches and dream to live that adventures and the ones on the other side that live adventurously for giving extra calories to dreamers from the couches.

Imagine an island, a little wild island, probably the most beautiful island situated in the Northern Adriatic Sea. Imagine you and your family or friends discovering this island by swimming and living there for two long days like a castaways, living wild and pure, in a shelter you made, trying the food you collect, drinking fresh water you extract from the sea, there you'll learn primitive and survival skills and understand how to be integral part of this island and become the director of a story you'll remember forever.

We are not offering you only the dream, we are offering you a pure survival adventure, a soft adventure open to all (youngsters, families, retired...) to be lived not with suffered faces but with a huge smiles.

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If you are planing to visit Croatia this or next summer, probably you can't remain indifferent in front of what we offer to you, the great adventure at the cost of a lunch. What are you waiting for? Book now so you can chose the best free period to enjoy this Survival Adventure, with your family, friends or alone to meet new friends.

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