Boris Stermotich

Boris Stermotich (Ris) is the founder and chief instructor of first Croatian Outdoor Survival School - Extremesurvive. He started with naturvival from the moment of his first escape into the wilderness in his teenage years, when he realized that all the components of the wilderness had a perfect logic of existence.

Passion for nature and adventure led him to study survival techniques from experienced survival organizations in Europe. In Italy, he worked for many years and growth his experience like survival expert in organizations like Avventura Team (AICS) and FISSS where he experiments outdoor team buildings with youngsters with great results. He also accomplished many other certificates that help his growth, like MTB instructor, apnea diver, sea rescue and others. Lately, he becomes SIWA Survival Instructors World Association Honoris Causa.

Pure love for nature and the adventure led Boris to form first Croatian Outdoor Survival School. Driven by the feelings and the understanding of being only an interpreter of nature, he moved further into propagating survival movement in his country. He starts with first survival associations in Croatia like HUPP and Survivors Club and creates Forum Preživljavanja, biggest outdoor community in his region that regroup survival and bushcraft enthusiast and count more than one million visits each year, the community that gives births to other communities of survival and bushcraft in Croatia and nearest regions.

He is also the author of the first free adventure club in the world Čopor, free survival school for kids Bosonogi, most natural creed ever Naturalis and many others. Hundreds free workshops made to promote outdoor living, author of Survival manual published freely on the web and in survival column in Meta magazine, promoter of many outdoor manifestation and festivals, guest on many TV and radio talk shows and others.

Due his originally training as a designer, bid Boris design Survival Kukri Knife, survival tool par excellence, produced by FKMD Italy and distributed around the globe.

Boris is always eager to learn new skills and to share his knowledge's unselfish with others, always educating that we do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we only borrow it from our children's.