Patents ©

Extremesurvive is a pioneer in many things in outdoor, this is a review page of some of this Survival School patents and inventions. I Boris Stermotic, I'm glad to share them with you because they could save your life - and that is my principal survival instructor role.

Be free to use them in survival training, but always mention the source.

Fire Survival Kit ©

This is the best survival kit you can have in a survival situation and I'm proud to teach to all Extremesurvive students how to make it because the fire is the biggest difference you could have. This FSK is low cost, efficient, easy to make and weatherproof. Hide it in your backpack and forget about it. Remember, the fire is priority number one despite what lot of "survival experts" are telling to you.

Survival Fire Candy ©

We are talking again about the fire. This is a chemical fire starter made from two components; potassium permanganate and glycerine plus some drops of alcohol. Those two components when mixed produce a strong flame. Also, potassium permanganate is the best multipurpose chemical you can have in a survival situation. You can use it for water purification, wound cleaning, fungi, snow signalization, and fire.

Tampon Filter ©

We all know about magic absorption and filtration of the tampon. If you need to filter the water rapidly make this Tampon Filter © straw. Remember, the water you collect by mouth it's not drinkable and purified, you need to treat it with chemicals or boil it. The tampon is a king of survival because it could be used for many purposes.

One hand Bowline

This is not for sure our invention but it is a faster version of one hand bowline. It is so important we decided to put it on this page. All students during Extremesurvive basic survival courses are able to tie OHB under 10 seconds, underwater and with their eyes closed. This is the most important knot in a life treating situation when rescuers drop you the rope.

Hypothermia Bag ©

If the tampon is a king in survival, the garbage bag is a queen. You should always carry a big garbage bag in your backpack, it could be the only difference of life or death in solo winter survival. Hypothermia is a killer number one, do all you need to fight against it. All our students are practicing this technic after cooling in winter sea for more than 20 minutes and they all stop shivering.