Youth Team Building


Working as a part of the team for the benefit of the team; by strengthening the team one strengthens himself. Here, our goal is nothing but the mediators of the natural primordial team laws. The phrase if I want I can is presented to our students as a survival game to be carried out to achieve only one goal, a deep understanding of one having no limits. Every step of this game is carefully planned, never compromising the key to one's unlimited growth, the creativity.

Psychology of survival, modern and primitive methods of fire lighting, selection and shelter building, finding and filtering water, hunting through the traps, use of knife and tools, navigation and direction finding, tracking and animal identification, signalling methods, hypothermia first aid, survival kits, plants gathering are some of the knowledge mastered during this course.For more details about this course like costs, data, reservations and to obtain obligatory equipment list, please contact by mail on info@extremesurvive.comFind more on our feedback page.