Boris Stermotich

Boris Stermotich, the founder and chief instructor of ExtremeSurvive™ Survival Adventure Outdoor, the first Croatian Outdoor Survival School. With a passion for nature and adventure, Boris has spent years studying survival techniques from experienced organisations throughout Europe, including Avventura Team (AICS) and Federazione Italiana Survival Sportivo e sperimentale (FISSS).

Boris is a certified survival expert, with additional certifications in areas such as MTB instruction, apnea diving, and sea rescue. He has even been awarded the honours cause by the Survival Instructors World Association (SIWA).

But Boris' love for nature goes beyond just personal exploration. He is also the founder of Forum Preživljavanja, the largest outdoor community in his region, which counts over one million visits each year. He has also authored the first free adventure club in the world (Čopor), first survival school only for kids in Europe (Bosonogi), and first wilderness therapy centre (Terapija Divljine) in his region.

Boris' expertise and passion for survival have led him to design the ultimate survival tool, the Survival Kukri Knife (FKMD), produced by Fox Italy and distributed as ultimate survival tool around the globe.

Join Boris and the ExtremeSurvive™ community to enjoy adventure and to learn natural living knowledge (naturvival) and survival techniques that can help you survive in real survival situations ...and remember, we do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we only borrow it from our children.