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★★★★★  ExtremeSurvive™ Survival Adventure Outdoor have received an excellent rating from all our clients and students, and we are among the top attractions in Istria, Croatia (EU).

ExtremeSurvive™ Survival Adventure Outdoor are an adventure school - agency in Istria, Croatia that offers a wide range of outdoor activities for thrill-seekers, adventure and survival enthusiasts, and anyone looking to explore the natural beauty of Istria, Croatia. Our team of experienced guides includes survival instructors, mountain guides, and wilderness first responders who will lead you on exciting expeditions such as trekking, fortressing, survival courses, plant gathering, and more.

With a focus on both fun and safety, we provide all the necessary equipment and training to ensure you are fully prepared for a real adventure. Our aim is to provide unforgettable life experiences that leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and connected to the adventure and natural world.

At ExtremeSurvive™ Survival Adventure Outdoor, we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We want you to have the best time possible, whether you're looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure or a peaceful escape in nature. Remember, with us, it's all about adventure, no bullshit!

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The mission of ExtremeSurvive™ Survival Adventure Outdoor is reconnection with the wilderness in Istria, through an unparalleled life experience that imparts pivotal knowledge for survival, adventure, and sustainable living within wilderness environments.

ExtremeSurvive™ is committed to reshaping your perspective on nature, guiding you to perceive it not as an adversary, but as a formidable ally. Through an indelible adventure across Istria, Croatia, we impart invaluable practical survival skills that prove indispensable in demanding circumstances.

Our clientele consistently departs with gratified smiles, a testament to the minimal discomfort they experience as we skillfully instruct the art of harnessing nature's resources. This process engenders an assimilation with nature akin to the symbiotic relationship our forebears nurtured for millennia.

Over the span of a decade, ExtremeSurvive™ has evolved into a pivotal nexus for survival, adventure, and outdoor pursuits within Istria, Croatia, and across Europe. Our transformation into a distinctive survival, adventure, and outdoor movement is a testament to our camaraderie of like-minded individuals driven by a profound ardor for nature, survival proficiency, outdoor escapades, and uniquely enriching life experiences.

Why are we a School

At present, an excess of misleading information concerning survival, adventure, and bushcraft pervades television, projecting an unrealistic image of authentic skills and genuine real-life scenarios. These superficial and trend-driven portrayals, frequently encountered in television shows and manuals, often lack factual precision, genuine situations, and the indispensable knowledge encompassing adventure, survival, and bushcraft. Regrettably, this disparity results in a perplexing misconception of the genuine essence of survival and adventure, along with the adept means to adeptly navigate these domains. 

As such, no surrogate can replace an authentic, hands-on experience!

All our undertakings are rooted in the LACS (Logical Application in Critical Situations) programs, meticulously crafted to incorporate simulated scenarios that systematically diminish risk exposure for our students. We hold a steadfast conviction that only through genuine life experiences can a thorough comprehension of survival and adventure be attained.

When harmonized with the captivating allure of Istria's wilderness, these constituent factors culminate in an unparalleled and indelible life-enriching experience!"

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  • ExtremeSurvive™ is; proud member of SIWA Survival Instructors World Association
  • Honoured associate of AICS Italian Association for Culture and Sports
  • Ardent promoter of No Trace philosophy for Ethical Living the Nature
  • Respectful supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  • Pure believer in Naturalis, Most Natural Creed Ever