Team building


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Looking to take your team's performance to the next level and foster a winning culture? Look no further than our ExtremeSurvive™ team building program! Our program is specifically designed to unite your team and enhance their communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills in the face of challenging conditions. By immersing your team in the wilderness, they will learn to adapt to new environments, conquer obstacles, and cultivate a shared purpose. Our seasoned instructors will lead your team through a series of exhilarating challenges, including constructing shelters, igniting fires, and mastering navigation techniques, all while fostering trust and teamwork. As your team overcomes these challenges together, they will emerge with renewed confidence and a deeper appreciation for each other's strengths, resulting in a more harmonious and effective team dynamic. Don't let this opportunity slip away. Empower your team to become a tightly-knit unit, ready to conquer any obstacle that stands in their way. Together, you'll forge unbreakable bonds and unlock the true potential of your team.




Psychology of survival, modern and primitive methods of fire lighting, selection and shelter building, finding and filtering water, hunting through the traps, use of knife and tools, navigation and direction finding, tracking and animal identification, signalling methods, hypothermia first aid, survival kits, plants gathering are some of the knowledge mastered during this course.For more details about this course like costs, data, reservations and to obtain obligatory equipment list, please contact by mail on