About us!

ExtremeSurvive™ is Croatia's first survival school, adventure, and outdoor organization, founded in 2008 in Pula, Istria by Boris Stermotich. Our main goal is to teach you how to experience outdoor life, which is why our organization is located in natural environments across Istra and Croatia. We have a concession on terrains around the Lake of Butonigla near Pazin, some islands on the west Istrian coast, and many of our own terrains around the beautiful island of Unije.

ExtremeSurvive™ can organize outdoor activities anywhere in Istria and within the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Our locations are diverse, including vast mountain ranges with unexplored caves, ancient forests, fertile lowlands, pristine streams, and a wild coastline with numerous islands. You can spot various species of animals such as wolves, wild boars, brown bears, chamois, mouflons, all types of European deer, lynx, foxes, jackals, rabbits, hares, weasels, polecats, martens, otters, badgers, squirrels, and dolphins off the coast at sunset. There are virgin wilderness areas where you can find intact animal species and unique plants that are almost extinct in the rest of Europe.

ExtremeSurvive™ is composed of pure nature and adventure lovers who are eager to teach you natural living knowledge, naturvival, and survival techniques that can help you survive in real survival situations. Our continuous approach to natural knowledge for all who are interested in the natural way of living makes us an interpreter and preserver of natural laws and ancient knowledge.


Boris Stermotich with eagle

Director/Chief Instructor

Honoris Causa (SIWA), Survival Expert (AICS and FISSS), Alpine Unit (EI), Sea Rescue (FISA), Outdoor Safety (HGK-GSS), 4x4 (FIF), Free Diver Expert (PADI), MTB Instructor (ANI), Adventure club guide (copor.org), Wilderness Therapist ___________________

Dražen Šulc near sea

Dražen Šulc MEDO

Survival Instructor Expert

Survival Instructor School (COSS), Winter Survival (COSS), Coast Survival (COSS), Recce (HV), Taekwondo Instructor (ITF) 

Roman Maglić happy posing

Roman Maglić OSA

Plant Gathering 

Environmentalist, Entomologist, Biologist, nature activist, botanical and wildlife expert (COOS), Adventure club guide (copor.org)

Tedy Viternik gathering plants

Tedy Viternik ORAO


Environmentalist, Nature preservation and social activist, Bushcraft expert, Adventure club guide (copor.org), Wilderness Therapist 

Giuseppe Scafaro reading map

Giuseppe Scafaro 

Honoris Causa 

Chief Instructor (AT), Survival Expert (AICS and FISSS), Para (EI), MTB Instructor, Environment Manager (AL), Kickbox Instructor (FIKB), Free Climbing and Alpinist Instructor (CAI) 

Paolo Valenti Surfski

Sea Kayak Instructor 

Sea Kayak Instructor (SKK), Environmentalist, Turno Ski and Sailing expert, Photographer and journalist

Marin Čargonja with horse

Marin Čargonja KRTICA

IN MEMORIAL - Survival Instructor 

Survival Instructor School (COSS), Advanced Survival (COSS), Bushcraft expert, Woodcrafting, Forging and Horsing expert

Robert Stanta BJELI VUK

IN MEMORIAL - Honoris Causa

Survival School Honoris Member (COSS), Winter Survival (COSS), Coast Survival (COSS)