Extremesurvive© is first naturvival and survival organization in Croatia formed in 2008 by Boris Stermotich. One of the Extremesurvive primary goals is to teach you how to survive and naturvive in the wilderness, for that the policy the School environment is nature in itself. The school address is parts of remote wilderness of Croatian countryside where we have the concession on terrains around the lake of Butonigla near Pazin and some islands on the west Istrian coast. Around the beautiful island of Unije Extremesurvive manages lots of own terrains.

The Extremesurvive only contact address is simply here, on the web. There is no limitation for Extremesurvive to manage on specific domain survival courses everywhere on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and EU. The terrain in Croatia is varied and includes extensive mountain chains with unexplored caves, secular woods, fertile lowlands, uncontaminated streams, and a beautiful wild coastline with numerous islands. Various species of animals include; wolf, wild boar, brown bear, chamois, mouflon, all types of European deer (including roe deer, red deer, and fallow deer), lynx, fox, jackal, rabbit, hare, weasel, polecat, marten, otter, badger, squirrels and on the coast in the sunset you can see dolphins.Virgin wilderness where you can find intact animal species and unique plants, almost extinct in the rest of Europe.

Extreme survive is made from pure nature and adventure lovers ready to teach you natural living knowledge's, naturvival and survival techniques that can help you to survive in the real survival situation. The Extremesurvive continuous approach of natural knowledge's to all interested in the natural way of living, make Extremesurvive interpreter and preserver of natural laws and ancient knowledge. Extremesurvive are sure, those devolving can be the best way of nature preservation.

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Chief Survival Instructor

Survival Instructors World Association - Honoris Causa (SIWA), Survival Expert (AICS and FISSS), Alpine Unit (EI), Sea Rescue (FISA), 4x4 Driver (FIF), Skin Diver Expert (PADI), MTB Instructor (ANI), Adventure club guide (copor.org)

Dražen Šulc (Medo)

Expert Survival Instructor

Survival Instructor School (COSS), Winter Survival (COSS), Coast Survival (COSS), Recce (HV), Taekwondo Instructor (ITF)

Darko Pauković (Kobac)

Certificied Survival Instructor

Survival Instructor School (COSS), Advanced Survival (COSS), Triathlon (TKZ), Alpinist worker

Marin Čargonja (Krtica)

Certificied Survival Instructor

Survival Instructor School (COSS), Advanced Survival (COSS), Bushcraft expert, woodcrafting, knive forging

Vedran Rački (Jazavac)

Certificied Survival Instructor

Survival Instructor School (COSS), Basic Survival (COSS), Skipper (MMPI), Bushcraft expert

Tedy Viternik (Orao)

Outdoor Collaborator

Environmentalist, nature and social activist, Bushcraft expert, Adventure club guide (copor.org)

Roman Maglić (Osa)

Outdoor Collaborator

Environmentalist, Entomologist, Biologist, nature activist, botanical and wildlife expert (COOS), Adventure club guide (copor.org)

Rocco Pavlović (Medvjed)

Survival Instructor Trainee

Bosonogi Survival Instructor Expert (bosonogi.extremesurvive.com)

Giuseppe Scafaro

Honoris Causa

Chief Instructor (AT), Survival Expert (AICS and FISSS), Para (EI), MTB, Environment Manager (AL), Kickbox Instructor (FIKB), Free Climbing and Alpinist (CAI)

Matej Mirkac

External Associate

Chief Instructor (ISS), Mountain Rescue Unit (GSS), Speleo and Free Climbing Instructor (HSS), BLS Expert

Viliam Belac

External Associate

Hunting Instructor (HLS), Ballistic and Ecology Expert (HLS), HLS Inspector, Firearms Expert